We bring you some sole-stirring pieces that are a perfect amalgamation of traditional beauty and contemporary design.

As festive seasons approach, anticipation fills the air, especially in India where celebrations are a significant part of cultural traditions. Amidst the joyous occasions filled with dancing and traditional rituals, selecting the perfect attire becomes a priority for many. For men, it's not just about the clothing; it's also about finding the ideal pair of ethnic sandals to complement their look. Whether you're the focal point as the groom or simply part of the celebration, looking polished is essential. 

Fortunately, One8 Select offers a diverse range of ethnic footwear for men, ensuring that everyone can step out in style during festivals and special occasions. From timeless classics to contemporary designs, they cater to every taste, ensuring you're prepared to make a stylish statement during the festive season!

From Ceremony to Celebration: The Importance of Styling Ethnic Footwear for Men


When it comes to dressing up for special occasions like weddings or festivals, men often lean towards formal shoes for that polished look. While they undoubtedly have their charm, ethnic footwear adds a unique flair and cultural touch to your attire. As a man with great fashion taste, incorporating ethnic footwear like juttis or mojaris can elevate your style game effortlessly. These traditional leather sandals for men not only complement kurtas and sherwanis perfectly but also reflect your appreciation for cultural heritage and diversity. So, why settle for ordinary when you can make a statement with ethnic footwear?

Heritage at Your Feet: Traditional Touches in Ethnic Slippers

Black Chappal For Men

Leather ethnic slippers from One8 Select, known for their superior craftsmanship and classic style, effortlessly bridge the gap between tradition and contemporary fashion. Want something edgy to amp up your ethnic look? When paired with kurta jeans, these leather slippers elevate a casual look to one that's refined and distinctively stylish. 

Teaming them with a kurta and pajama accentuates the outfit's traditional elegance, adding a polished touch. For a modern twist, wear these slippers with a kurta and jacket—this combination offers a sophisticated contrast, blending sleek modernity with classic cultural elements. Simple and minimal in design, these ethnic slippers will complement all your fusion looks and will go perfectly with every Indian outfit. 

Occasions for Wearing Ethnic Slippers

Brown Chappal For Men
  • Family Gatherings: Slide into your mens ethnic slippers for a family gathering, where their classic charm enhances the warmth of togetherness.
  • Cultural Festivals: Choose them for cultural festivals, where their traditional appeal and comfort let you celebrate with authentic style.
  • Casual Weddings: Opt for ethnic slippers at an intimate wedding during the daytime, where they blend perfectly with celebratory attire, adding a touch of cultural elegance.
  • Evenings at Home: Wear them for a relaxed evening at home, where they provide both comfort and a subtle nod to heritage style.

Ethnic Sandals: Stride with Style and Tradition

Ethnic Sandals

The ethnic sandals from One8 Select effortlessly elevate both Indo-Western ensembles and traditional sherwanis, making them perfect for any occasion. Whether you're striding in as the dashing groom or simply enjoying the festivities as a guest, these sandals promise both panache and comfort. And guess what? 

Even Virat Kohli can't resist their charm, often jazzing up his formal and casual looks with these cultural stunners. With their adaptability and timeless appeal, these ethnic sandals are a must-have for fashion aficionados who love blending heritage with a dash of contemporary flair. They're not just shoes but style magic that bridges traditions with modernity!

Occasions for Wearing Ethnic Slippers

  • Beach Wedding: Perfect for sandy shores and ocean breezes, these ethnic sandals add a touch of sophistication to your beach wedding ensemble.
  • Destination Vacation: Whether you're exploring ancient ruins or relaxing at a resort, these sandals ensure you're stylishly comfortable wherever your travels take you.
  • Summer BBQ: Pair these sandals with your favorite summer shorts and a breezy shirt for a laid-back yet refined look at your next backyard barbecue.
  • Outdoor Music Festival: Dance the day away in style at your favorite outdoor music festival, as these sandals keep your feet happy while you enjoy the beats and vibes.

Embrace the Journey: Walk in Tradition with One8 Select

In the colorful world of ethnic footwear for men, One8 Select speaks the language of great design and excellent workmanship, a perfect amalgamation of traditional and modern. From weddings to casual outings, these soulful pieces add a touch of cultural elegance to every occasion. Embrace the fusion of heritage and contemporary flair, and step into each moment with confidence and grace. Discover your perfect pair today and elevate your style journey with One8 Select.