Ever found yourself trying to convince your dad to treat himself to something new? It's a common scenario – parents, especially dads, are known for putting everyone else's needs before their own.

He’ll walk in with a big smile hiding away all his worries without evening uttering a single word.

So, here's the deal! Father's Day is just around the corner and it’s time to show him how much he is loved and deserves more than what he does to provide for his family.

Consider a pair of sleek and stylish shoes for men; it's a gesture that says, "Dad, you're worth it." Elevate his daily grind with a touch of style, reminding him that his comfort and happiness matter too.

How to Pair the Perfect Father’s Day Gift for Every Type of Dad?


For the Dad with Finesse: Lace Up Formal Shoes

Lace Up Shoes for Men

For the dad who embodies timeless elegance, formal lace-up shoes are more than just footwear; they're a statement of his impeccable style. Whether it's a boardroom meeting or a family gathering, he always dresses to impress. These shoes aren't just a gift; they're an investment in his confidence and sophistication.

Our Best Buys

●      Men's Tan Leather Brogue Lace-Up Shoes

Brogue Shoes For Men

Elevate Dad's formal attire with these tan leather Brogue lace-up shoes. Crafted from premium leather, these formal shoes for men blend sophistication with style, making them a perfect Father's Day gift. The classic Brogue detailing adds an elegant touch, while the closed round toe ensures a refined look. With a durable TPR outsole and comfortable no-heel construction, Dad can wear them all day with ease.

  • Men's Brown Leather Lace-Up Oxford Shoes
Brown Leather Lace Up Oxford Shoes For Men

Amp up your Dad's style with these rich brown leather lace-up Oxford shoes, expertly crafted for sophistication and comfort. Ideal for formal occasions, they boast a refined design with a closed round toe and durable TPR sole. Their no-heel construction ensures all-day wearability, making them the perfect Father's Day gift to symbolize timeless elegance and practical luxury.


For the Style Enthusiast Dad: Loafer Shoes

Slip On Shoes For Men

Looking for the perfect gift for the stylish dad? Slip-on shoes, or loafers, are the answer! These versatile footwear options effortlessly elevate his style with timeless charm. Loafers aren't just shoes; they're a statement of sophistication and convenience. From classic leather to trendy suede, there's a pair for every dad's taste.

Treat him to a touch of luxury with loafers, combining practicality and style in one gift. Let him step out in confidence, knowing he's appreciated and stylishly dressed. After all, every stylish dad deserves to stride in style!

Our Best Buys 

●      Black Leather Slip-on Loafer for Men

Black Leather Loafer Shoes

Let's give Dad the gift of style this Father's Day with our Black Leather Slip-on Loafers for Men. Crafted from premium leather and featuring a sturdy TPR sole, these loafer shoes are more than just footwear – they're a statement of sophistication. With their sleek closed round-toe design, they add a touch of elegance to any outfit, making them the perfect choice for Dad's special day.

●      Classic Brown Leather Men's Slip-On Loafer Shoes

Brown Leather Slip On Loafer Shoes

Treat Dad to timeless style with our Brown Leather Slip-on Shoes. Crafted from premium leather with a rubber T-Unit sole, they offer comfort and durability. With an easy slip-on design, they're perfect for his on-the-go lifestyle. Elevate his look effortlessly with these stylish slip-ons, the ideal gift for the fashionable dad.

For the Fashion Fusion Dad: Sandals for Men

Sandals for Men

Sandals for Men cater to his versatile style. Ideal for seamlessly blending ethnic and western looks, these sandals offer a balanced fashion statement. Whether paired with traditional attire or casual outfits, they exude effortless charm. Gift Dad the freedom to express his unique style with these versatile and stylish sandals. 

Our Best Buys

●      Men's Brown Leather Hook & Loop Sandals

Brown Leather Hoop & Loop Sandals

Let's talk about Brown Leather Hook & Loop Sandals. Crafted from premium leather with a comfy TPR sole, they're like a hug for your feet. Dad's gonna love how they go with pretty much anything in his wardrobe – from jeans to shorts and even those funky Hawaiian shirts he loves. Whether he's out for a leisurely stroll or chilling at a backyard BBQ, these sandals got him covered, literally and stylishly.


●      Men's Black Leather Hook & Loop Sandals

Black Leather Hook & Loop Sandals

Let's explore Black Leather Hook & Loop Sandals. Crafted for both comfort and style, these sandals are like a trusty sidekick for any adventure. With their sleek black leather and easy hook and loop closure, they're perfect for Dad's laid-back days. Whether he's strolling along the beach or running errands around town, these sandals offer the perfect blend of ease and sophistication

Perfect Occasions For Every Dad  to Style Shoes from One8 Select


  • Outdoor Adventures: Gear Dad up for outdoor excursions with our rugged and supportive shoes from One8 Select. Designed to keep pace with his adventurous spirit, whether he's trekking through rough terrain or camping under the stars, our shoes prioritize durability and comfort, ensuring he can focus on making memories rather than sore feet.


  • Workplace Excellence: Empower your Dad's workweek with our refined and formal shoes from One8 Select. Crafted with premium materials and ergonomic designs, our shoes ensure Dad exudes confidence and comfort from morning meetings to after-hours deadlines, allowing him to conquer the day with ease and style.


  • Weekend Getaways: Dad's weekend escapes with our versatile casual shoes from One8 Select. From laid-back loafers to casual sneakers, our collection offers stylish options that seamlessly transition from day-time exploring to evening relaxation with the family, so Dad can enjoy every moment in comfort and fashion.


  • Relaxing at Home: Spoil Dad with ultimate relaxation in our cozy and comfortable footwear options from One8 Select. After a busy day, there's no better feeling than slipping into plush slippers or lightweight sandals for some well-deserved downtime.


  • Festivities and Celebrations: Elevate Dad's style for special occasions with our selection of shoes from One8 Select. Whether it's a family reunion or milestone celebration, our shoes ensure he makes a lasting impression with every step.


Wrapping up

When it comes to selecting the perfect Father's Day gift, there's nothing quite like the timeless appeal of shoes. Whether it's sneakers for comfort or loafer shoes for style, dads deserve the best. And that's where One8 Select shines. Quality, style, and the perfect fit—all in one. Ready to make your dad's day? Don't wait. Shop now and give him a Father's Day gift he'll never forget. Let's elevate his shoe game together!